David Kalk Photography | Real Estate Home Preparation

To prepare the home for photography, the following need to be done:

  • Move all vehicles away from the house or put them in the garage

  • Turn off all ceiling fans

  • Hide any pet items (food & water bowls, litter boxes, scratching posts, etc)

  • Make sure the house is clean and tidy

  • In the bathroom, put away all toiletries

  • In the kitchen, remove dishes from counter, garbage from trash can, clutter, magnets from refrigerator

  • Put away children’s items such as high chair, booster seats, toys, etc.

  • Store all workout and medical equipment

  • Be sure any items stored under beds are not visible

  • Put pets away (they can be put in an area that will not be photographed)

  • Be sure the yard is mowed

  • Trim bushes and trees

  • Make sure leaves are blown

  • Put away all outside trash cans, recycling bins, water hoses, security signs

  • Remove pool equipment from pool

  • Take down holiday items (this dates photos)

  • If the homeowner does not want child’s name or personal photos show, they need to be removed before the photo shoot